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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Organizing the Assessment of Recordings

Organizing the Assessment of Recordings

A high-quality audio recording may replace one of the concerts in the Arts Study Programme. The audio recordings are usually released under a commercial record label or the SibaRecords label. The candidate is responsible for producing the audio recording.

Assessment of recordings included in the demonstration of proficiency is organized so that the student fills in the “Doctoral Concert” form and submits the form and the recordings to the office of the DocMus Doctoral School. The Doctoral School convenes the artistic committee. The same procedure applies to assessing recordings as to assessing concerts.

The recording as an artistic Component of the Demonstration of Proficiency must always be pre-examined. A recording made already before the doctoral studies can be accepted as a Component. A recording can also be made during the doctoral studies.

  1. If the recording is produced before the doctoral studies, the recording must be pre-examined before it can be sent to the Artistic Committee. The doctoral candidate contacts the pre-examiner and sends the recording to him/her. If the pre-examiner approves the recording, the Candidate submits it to all Artistic Committee members. If the pre-examiner does not approve the recording doctoral candidate can appeal to the artistic board. The board can then make a decision about the possible approval.
  2. When a doctoral candidate wants to make a new recording during his/her doctoral studies, the pre-examination takes place 6 weeks before the recording session. The doctoral candidate contacts the pre-examiner to settle a date for pre-examination. In case the pre-examination is not approved, the doctoral candidate and the pre-examiner decide together what needs to be improved and when it is appropriate to organize another pre-examination.

Immediately after the pre-examination, the Chair contacts the Artistic Committee members with a deadline for the members’ written comments as to whether or not they approve the Component.

  • If opinions about approving the Component differ, the evaluation will take place as described in the paragraph “Evaluating an Artistic Component” below
  • Using the members’ individual comments, the Chair formulates a brief statement, asks for the members’ approval for it, and sends it to the Candidate.
  • After an Artistic Component has been approved, the Chair sees that appropriate notification is entered in the record of credits.

If the Candidate wants to discuss the statement with the Artistic Committee, a meeting may be convened if the practical arrangements can be kept within reason (an international Committee member, for example, cannot be obliged to participate). The Chair will inform the Candidate about the possibility of a meeting.

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