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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Did You Forget to Register for Attendance?

Guide for Sibelius Academy Doctoral Programme (DocMus+MuTri)

Did You Forget to Register for Attendance?

All University of the Arts Helsinki degree programme students and Theatre Academy teachers' pedagogical studies students must announce their absence or presence for each academic year. If you study abroad (exchange studies, internship, research visit) as part of your degree you must register as present.
All students should register primarily via WebOodi. For further instructions about academy-specific registration, see Artsi.


  1. Statutory absences
    Universities have unified their interpretation of the Universities Act. As of 1 August 2016, statutory grounds (voluntary military service or conscription or maternity, paternity or parental leave) extend the student’s study right only if the student registers as non-attending. The extension for the right to study is always granted for a minimum of one whole semester.
  2. IT user rights
    The University of the Arts Helsinki offers IT services for all of the attending degree students (Bachelor and Master-level students and doctoral students) and non-degree students such as Junior Academy students, international exchange students and students completing non-degree pedagogical studies for teachers. Those who have registered as a non-attending student have the right to use Artsi, the university email and other O365 services provided by the university, but can’t access other services. Those who have graduated or been removed from the register will lose their IT user rights in the beginning of the following semester. The changes have been discussed by the executive board of the University of the Arts Student Union and the University of the Arts Helsinki executive group. Rector has confirmed the decision on the students’ user rights.
  3. Room reservations and use of the rooms
    Bachelor, Master’s and doctoral students can reserve rooms only when they have registered their attendance. Non-attending students and students who have been removed from the register don’t have access or user rights in the University of the Arts Helsinki facilities.Rector has confirmed the decision on the University of the Arts Helsinki room reservation policy.

A student who has not registered during the registration period is removed from the university’s student register and loses the right to study. However, it is possible to be re-entered into the student register by submitting a written application to the Head of Academic Affairs of the Sibelius Academy. The application form for re-registering can be printed from Artsi.


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