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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: JOO Studies and Cooperation With Other Parties

Guide for Sibelius Academy Doctoral Programme (DocMus+MuTri)

JOO studies

A student may also include studies completed in other universities in the postgraduate degree if they are relevant to the subject area of the degree. Students may apply for the right to study in any university in the JOO system (Flexible Study Rights). Students of the DocMus Doctoral School have studied supplementary subjects in universities of both the arts and the sciences (e.g. languages, history, mathematics, computer science, and theology).

These studies can be included in the degree if this has been agreed with the supervisor in charge in advance. The right to pursue studies is applied for via the JOOPAS website. The site also includes more information and links to the websites and courses offered by other universities.

Cooperation within the Uniarts Helsinki and with Other Departments in the Sibelius Academy

Cooperation between departments involves, for instance, the DocMus Doctoral School offering the postgraduate students of other departments and, when applicable, also Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students the possibility to take part in education provided by the Doctoral School. Correspondingly, DocMus students occasionally pursue studies in other departments. In addition, the DocMus Doctoral School participates in the Research Days organized annually for the entire institution. Employed doctoral students may teach in the departments of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes within the limits of their total working hours. This is agreed upon with the Head of the Doctoral School.

The teaching provided by the University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts can be found on the Open Campus website and separately in Artsi. Students are encouraged to take part in seminars, symposiums, and workshops in the other academies. In terms of group lessons, cooperation between the universities of the arts is mainly organized with few formalities, following the principle of free mobility. As from fall 2017, the academies of the University of the Arts Helsinki will organize joint doctoral studies/courses.

Cooperation with Other Universities and Parties

The Doctoral Programme in Artistic Research and the Finnish Doctoral Programme for Music Research organize annual seminars and workshops, which may also accept participants from outside these doctoral programmes. Event notifications are sent via mailing lists. It is also a good idea to regularly visit the websites of these doctoral programmes.

Students also create useful contacts when meeting artists representing different fields of art e.g. in their supervisory groups and through the artistic cooperation of DocMus concerts.

Doctoral School students are encouraged to take part in international events and conferences by submitting their own presentations, lectures, and posters and contribute to the dialogue in the field by e.g. writing articles and networking with artists and researchers from different fields. ECTS credits may be awarded for conference participation and writing articles.

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