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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Permission for Public Examination / Defence

Permission for Public Examination / Defence

The degree is examined in a public examination event known as a public defence of a dissertation when examining a Degree in the Research Study Programme. The Academy Board grants the degree permission for examination (permission for public defence) and appoints an examiner (examiners; opponent(s) for a public defence) for the examination event and a custos (chair).

The supplementary studies included in the degree must be completed and recorded before permission for public examination / defence is granted.

  • In the Arts Study Programme, permission for examination is granted on the basis of statements submitted by the artistic committee assessing the artistic demonstration of proficiency, the pre-examiners of the thesis, and the supervisor in charge.
  • In the Research Study Programme, permission for public defence is based on pre-examination statements.
  • In the Applied Study Programme, permission for examination is granted on the basis of statements given by pre-examiners statements issued by possible separately assessed components of the project, and statements given by the supervisor in charge.
  • The proof-reader’s statement is also taken into consideration in all cases. In addition, the completion of all other studies and their entry into the study record is confirmed.

The student is responsible for the publication of the written components included in the degree and their public display (the written  material is on public display for 10 days prior to the examination event) after the Academy Board has granted permission to organize a public examination/defence. Written components may be published either electronically or in print.

The same principles apply to the publication of any written material for a Licentiate Degree as to doctoral education (cf. instructions at the end).

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