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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Assessment of Concerts and Recordnigs

Assessment of Concerts and Recordings

The Academic Council appoints an artistic committee with at least five members to examine the artistic component of the demonstration of proficiency. The Council nominates one member of the artistic committee as the chair. The student may issue a comment on the composition of the examination committee prior to its appointment.

The artistic committee listens to all the concerts and recordings included in the artistic component of the demonstration of proficiency. The presence of three members shall form a quorum when listening to a concert. If the nominated chair is not present, the committee nominates a chair from among its members. The chair of the committee or the substitute may, with approval from the candidate, nominate temporary additional members to the committee if the examination is in danger of being cancelled due to a sudden shortage of artistic committee members.

The artistic committee gives feedback to the student immediately after the concert. However, before the feedback discussion, the members must hold preliminary discussions among themselves as to whether the concert is a pass or a fail. After this, the student is invited to take part in the discussion. Each committee member submits a brief written statement to the chair within one week of each artistic component. The chair fills in the lower section of the registration form/record, indicating whether the concert is a pass or a fail. The form is submitted to the office of the Doctoral School within two weeks of the concert. A fail decision must include a written statement, which is submitted to the Head of the Doctoral School in question within two weeks of the concert. The performance may be repeated at the committee’s discretion. The possibility to repeat the performance must be stated on the written statement.

The artistic component in a Licentiate Degree must demonstrate high artistic standards. The artistic component in a Doctoral Degree must demonstrate extremely high artistic standards.

Assessment and feedback focus particularly on the standard of the performance, the student’s artistic development during studies, and how the concert and recording programmes function as a whole. During the feedback discussion, the committee may propose changes to the programmes of upcoming artistic components. If the student decides to change them, approval must be obtained in the manner determined by the Head of the Doctoral School.

Following the final doctoral concert or equivalent the committee prepares a reasoned written statement to the Academic Council concerning the artistic component of the dgree. The statement must contain a characterization and assessment of each component of the artistic demonstrations, a critical analysis of the performer’s merits, concluding remarks, and a proposed grade (“fail”, “pass”, or, for a special reason, “pass with honours”). The chair discusses the final statement proposal with all members of the committee. The chair may sign the final statement on behalf of the entire committee. The statement must include the names of all committee members who assessed the artistic demonstration. Each member of the board may also provide a separate statement.

The student may issue a comment on the final statement of the artistic committee.

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