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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Communication

Guide for Sibelius Academy Doctoral Programme (DocMus+MuTri)


Communication of information concerning education to both staff and students is done efficiently through mailing lists. Also, the Uniarts website, Artsi, and Peppi Study Guide are regularly updated in terms of information concerning education. Students should read the e-mails arriving to their uniarts e-mail address. Trio, the periodical publication of the DocMus Doctoral School, makes artistic work and research conducted at the Doctoral School visible and includes e.g. the lectures of public examinations of proficiency and defences of doctoral dissertations. The publication is also available online.

Studying at the DocMus Doctoral School is independent in nature. Students are encouraged to actively plan and advance in their studies on their own initiative, follow the notices of the Doctoral School, utilize student counselling, and network with parties in the Doctoral School and elsewhere.

Click the link on the right to see the full range of study programmes available in both doctoral schools.

In order to extend your right to study and receive all information and access to different systems, remember to register for attendance prior to each academic year in Weboodi.  Instructions for re-registration can be found in Artsi.




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The Uniarts Helsinki Study Guide

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