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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Pre-examination of a Written Thesis

Pre-examination of a Written Thesis

Before agreeing on an examination event, all written works are pre-examined. When pursuing a Degree in the Arts Study Programme, the artistic dissertation is submitted for pre-examination before the final degree concert at the latest. Information about the evaluation criteria can be found in the instructions for the (pre-)examiners.

N.B. In the Degree in the Arts Study Programme according to the old system, a written thesis is not pre-examined.

  • Before pre-examination, you should check with the supervisor in charge that all of the required credits are in order and entered into the records.
  • Before pre-examination, the written works is reviewed to ensure good scientific practice (cf. TurnitIn instructions). The supervisor in charge of the written work signs the review certificate.
  • Submit four (4) copies of the manuscript for pre-examination to the office of the Doctoral School (2 for pre-examiners, 1 for the proof-reader, and 1 for the university) in addition to a signed TurnitIn certificate. If the written thesis is published fully or in part as a website, its web address must also be given. The content of the website may not be changed during the examination process.
  • Remember to include an abstract (in Finnish or Swedish and in English) of your work after the title page and state the type of degree (Degree in the Arts or Research Study Programme, artistic or scholarly Degree in the Applied Study Programme).
  • The Academy Board appoints a pre-examiner (pre-examiners) and a proof-reader for written works. The candidate may issue a comment on the choice of pre-examiners.
  • Pre-examination statements in the Arts Study Programme are given within two months, and in the Research and Applied Study Programmes within three months. The student has a right to respond to pre-examination statements.

When the examiners have indicated that they recommend approval of the work, go through any proposed corrections, discuss them with your supervisor, and make the necessary corrections. After this, make sure that your work is published and put on public display (cf. the instructions below).

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