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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Notification of an Examination Event or Public Defence

Notification of an Examination Event / Public Defence

The public is notified of an examination event or a public defence via the various communication channels of the Sibelius Academy. Information is published e.g. in the event calendar on the University of the Arts Helsinki website, in the electronic information system of the Sibelius Academy, and to the media. Distribution may be extended depending on the doctoral candidate’s needs and the subject of the degree.

In terms of communication, it is important to always be active well in advance: you should always reserve time for proofreading and comments when preparing e.g. a poster and a programme flyer. Ideally, all material should be sent electronically to Communications no later than four weeks prior to the examination event. Communications and the supervisor in charge go through the material with the doctoral candidate before its publication.

Below is a list of the required extensive materials that should be electronically submitted to the Communications of the Sibelius Academy (cf. link to the form):

  • Basic information: time, place, doctoral candidate’s name, artistic committee and pre-examiners of the artistic demonstrations, examiners/opponents of the dissertation, name of the chair (custos) of the event.
  • Press release where you briefly describe the content and significance of your dissertation. The press release is prepared together with Communications (and the supervisor in charge) and released to the media c. one week before the event.
  • Photograph (printable resolution, in digital format, horizontal)
  • CV
  • Abstract of the written thesis and the full doctorate (Arts and Applied Study Programmes)
  • Programme of the public defence or examination event: time, place, name of the candidate and the degree/doctoral dissertation, key persons of the degree (artistic committee or opponents, pre-examiners and the chair/custos of the event), proceedings of the event according to academic practice (speeches, musical numbers including performers; cf. instructions for examination events on the right), abstract of the written thesis and/or the programmes of the doctoral concerts or similar), brief CV. 
  • Fill in the communications form (arts study programme)
  • Fill in the communications form (research study programme)
  • Fill in the communications form (applied study programme)

The programme leaflet of the public examination of doctoral degrees

The Sibelius Academy communications team is responsible for the layout and printing of the programme leaflets of doctoral public examinations. The printing is paid for by the doctoral schools.

  • The candidate should provide an estimate of the number of programme leaflets required and notify the communications team well in advance (no later than one week before the examination)
  • The candidate will be able to check the programme leaflet before it is printed. Make sure you have enough time to have it proofread. Programme leaflet designs are available on the Intranet ARTSI at­‐ programmes-­‐and-­‐research/doctoral-­‐programmes/advice-­‐for-­‐candidates.
  • The colour of the programme leaflet covers should usually be the colour used on the cover of the written component.
  • The programme leaflets are printed by a service provider selected by the Sibelius Academy communications team, and the printed programme leaflets will be delivered to Sibelius Academy for collection before the examination under the name of the candidate or the lobby service coordinator.

The schedule

  • A press release on the public examination will be published approximately two weeks before the examination
  • At least three working days should be reserved for the printing of the programme leaflets, plus approximately one week for the proofreading and review stage.
  • Online communications (Sibelius Academy website, information screens) will start within a few working days after the communications team has received the information (photo included) from the candidate.



The Sibelius Academy communications team

  • is responsible for external communications about the public examination. A press release is drafted by the candidate and finalised together with the communications team. The press release is usually sent to the Sibelius Academy mailing lists (some 150 media outlets) approximately two weeks before the examination. If the candidate or supervisors wish to add their own media contacts to the mailing lists, the information should be included in the form when delivering the information material or sent by email to communications officer Karoliina Pirkkanen.
  • publishes the information about the doctoral degree on Sibelius Academy’s information screens, the events calendar on Intranet and websites, and other event communications channels

The doctoral candidate

  • is responsible for communications with his or her own communities within the University of the Arts Helsinki and Sibelius Academy (e.g. via email mailing lists and the Intranet) along with any other target groups that should be notified (e.g. associations, other universities)
  • Note that  If you want the event to be streamed, please notify the administration when planning the event to get further instructions. Streaming is possible on student's own YouTube channel and the auditorium´s fixed camera equipment, the use of which is agreed well in advance with the AV technician of the event. The streaming feature of your YouTube channel must be activated one day before the event.

Further information

  • Communications planner Karoliina Pirkkanen
  • Senior Adviser Sirpa Järvelä
  • Coordinator Henri Wegelius

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