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Sibelius Academy Guide for Doctoral Studies in Music: Consert Pre-examination and Registration

Concert Pre-examination and Registration

  1. The student should make preliminary contact with the chair of the artistic committee and its members well in advance before the six-week deadline so that the artistic committee can be assembled.
  2. Public concerts that are to be assessed for the degree must be pre-examined. Before registration, the student contacts the pre-examiner appointed by the Academic Council to organize the pre-examination of the concert. The pre-examiner then confirms that the postgraduate student is ready to perform the concert programme successfully; in terms of a postgraduate student in Composition, the pre-examiner confirms the quality of the compositions to be performed. The pre-examiner may approve minor changes to the concert programme. In such cases, the student is responsible for notifying the artistic committee of the changes and informing the office of the Doctoral School of the changes immediately after pre-examination.

In the case of compositions, the pre-examiner includes a statement of no more than 3 000 characters (including spaces) concerning the pre-examined compositions in the registration form.

If the pre-examiner does not approve, the student may appeal to the artistic committee, which may grant the student permission to perform at its own discretion.

  1. The student must register for the concert no later than six weeks before the concert by filling in the registration form and submitting it to the DocMus office (cf. link on the right). The registration form must bear the signature of the pre-examiner as the proof of approval; the artistic committee cannot assess a concert without approved pre-examination. Based on the registration, the DocMus Doctoral School convenes an artistic (examination) committee (the date has, of course, been set with the committee in advance).

            Download the registration form for doctoral concert (link).

Concurrently, you may request for your expanded six weeks' classroom advance booking rights at the Facilities Department, by email

  1. The student submits the registration form to the parties mentioned therein: the chair of the artistic committee, the Senior Advisor, and the Producer.

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