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Performing Arts: Peforming Arts Field


Photo: Veikko Kähkönen

Uniarts Helsinki

Useful Links

University of the Arts Helsinki
The University of the Arts Helsinki fosters our artistic heritage and renews art. This new university was launched in 2013 upon the merging of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The university now comprises the three academies, which are equal in terms of educational content and cultural significance.

The Theatre Museum
The Theatre Museum is a cross between an activity centre and an information centre focusing on vitality, function and ease of obtaining information. At the Theatre Museum the visitor is a maker and shaker, who can try things out, play things out and be a seeker after knowledge.

Dance info Finland
Dance Info Finland is an expert of Finnish dance art. It offers services and counselling, informs and advocates. Dance Info Finland promotes the development of Finnish dance art and improves its status and operating conditions in the society. Its activities include both domestic and internationally oriented work.

Theatre Info Finland - TINFO
TINFO cooperates with professional theatre artists, directors, producers and festival managers. TINFO publishes yearly Finnish theatre statistics, and provides material and advice on international mobility.

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