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Performing Arts: Library Guides

Performing Arts LibGuides

Performing Arts library and information retrieval guide gives guidance to Uniarts Library, specially Sörnäinen Campus Library's information sources from performing arts field. On this page we give search guidance and we have collected instructions and information about our collections of e.g. books, magazines, e-material and thesis projects and is here to help you familiarize yourself with the Library’s material.

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Uniarts Finna portal Arsca is a search service for the library’s printed and electronic resources, and you can also renew your loans, make requests, pay fees and save your favourites


Performing Arts Information Clinic

Do you lack the necessary tools to successfully look for information about performing arts?
You may book an appointment at the information clinic by

At the Information Clinic you will be instructed in how to search for information within the field of performing arts, how to use a thesis project template, get advice on parallel publishing, as well as advice in copyright matters relating to teaching, publication and artistic activity.

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