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Guide to applying for research funding: Communications/interaction/exploitation plan

Describing and communicating the results and impact of the project

Remember to describe the results and both the scientific and other impacts of the project, depending on the requirements of the funder. Different funders have different focal points. The European Research Council (ERC), for example, emphasises scientific results and impacts above all else, whereas the Strategic Research Council (SRC) requires considerable social impact and interaction with the users of the data. Think about disseminating the results both in the scientific community and more extensively (businesses, public services, civic organisations, a specific demographic, the general public...). In addition to distributing the results, it is important to exploit them, to utilise them. Therefore, aim to describe the interest groups of the research, how to transform the results into practical use for said groups, the potential impact of the results and how to assess the impact during and after the project.

If necessary, consult the communications services. In single-academy projects, contact the communications of your academy; in multiple-academy projects and research centre projects, contact Heta Muurinen at the shared communications services.

In the budget, observe the expenses related to the use of various communications channels and other interaction and potential HR resources.

Read more about communication in the Project guide for researchers.

Contact persons

Communications services

Research Communications Officer Heta Muurinen

Funders' guidelines

Senior Research Funding Advisors Tiia Saarinen and Kirsi Rinne

Further information

Science communication recommendations by the Committee for Public Information in Finland

More information on impact for example in

Kaskas Media (only in Finnish):

EU Commission's guide Communicating EU research and innovation