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Guide to applying for research funding: Application forms

Application forms

Contact the Research Services if you need help filling in the administrative forms of the application

When the applicant is an organisation, it is always a legal entity, i.e. Uniarts Helsinki, not one of its units.

EU's Horizon Europe programme

A personal ECAS account (European Commission Authentication Service) is required for submitting the Horizon Europe applications of the EU. An organisation-specific PIC number is also required in the applications. The PIC of the University of the Arts Helsinki is 949482658. The PIC number is also used in other EU application processes, such as Creative Europe and Erasmus+.

Academy of Finland

Instructions for using the online services of the Academy of Finland are available in the Uniarts Helsinki guidelines for the Academy of Finland September call (in Artsi) and on the Academy's Parts of the application site.

Business ID

Some applications also require a business id (organisation registration number). The business ID of the University of the Arts Helsinki is 2500305-6.

If you apply for funding from a funder whose online application system requires identification (e.g. Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture or structural funds ESF and ERDF), contact in good time Uniarts' main users Eija Heinola or Maria Peltonen in order to receive electronic authorisation for proposal preparation. Remember also to reserve time for the university's authorised representative to provide their electronic signature in the system once the application is ready.

Contact persons

Research Services can also assist in filling in the application forms:
SibA, CERADA, History Forum

Senior Research Funding Advisor Tiia Saarinen,, 040 860 9538

TeaK, KuvA, CfAR

Advisor Kirsi Rinne,, 050 440 4150


The application forms of some funders ask for an ORCID ID as mandatory or optional information. The ORCID ID is a unique, permanent number used to identify researchers. It solves problems related to issues such as name changes, researchers with the same name or different spellings of names and connects your previous research to you if you find employment in a new organisation. For more information on the ORCID and its formation, see the Uniarts data management guide.