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Guide to applying for research funding: HR plan

Project HR plan/salary budgeting

If necessary, check the salary levels to be budgeted with the HR services of your unit.

Indicative job demand levels for researchers in different stages of their careers:

  • postgraduate student 2–4
  • postdoctoral researcher 5
  • researcher (university lecturer, university researcher, senior researcher) 6–7
  • professor 8–10
  • assisting personnel: research assistant 1, others > other staff system

In budgeting, we recommend using 5 as the performance level. Please note, however, that the budget does not determine the final salary; the usual YPJ (university salary system) policies are followed in the determination of wages.

The funder does not usually comment on salary levels; the usual policies of Uniarts Helsinki and the YPJ are followed (with the exception of funding for academy research fellows, for example, and Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions of the EU). If the person to be employed already works in similar tasks at the university, the budgeted salary must at least match the current salary. Remember to also prepare for salary increments (e.g. 1% per year) and potential changes in the demand level of the tasks and the performance level of the regular evaluation round.

If you plan to employ a researcher permanently working abroad for the project, contact the HR services to find out any additional requirements (e.g. social security and taxation) related to this.

Also include the salary of the coordinator/project manager in the project budget if allowed by the funder’s terms. If not allowed by the funder’s terms, the administrative resource required by the project must be otherwise ensured.

Contact persons

HR Manager Mikael Vänttinen

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