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Guide to applying for research funding: Description of ethical aspects and statement from the Ethics Committee

Description of ethical issues in the application

If the funder requires a description of ethical issues in the research plan, think about topics that are relevant for the project in question. A general comment on the compliance of legislation and instructions is insufficient.

Aspects to consider include, for example, informing the individuals who are studied/interviewed/observed and their consent, collecting/saving, storing and erasing personal data, data protection, children and other individuals with a special status as targets of research, issues related to the environment, health and safety, and research taking place outside the EU, especially in developing countries.

Statement from the Ethical Review Committee

If necessary, request a statement on the ethical acceptability of the research from the Ethical Review Committee of Uniarts Helsinki. The Research ethics site of Artsi includes, for example, a list of situations requiring a statement from the Committee and instructions for submitting a statement request.

Contact persons

Secretary of Ethical Review Committee

Advisor Riikka Palonkorpi

Information Security and Data Protection Officer

Antti Orava,

Funders' instructions

Senior Research Funding Advisors Tiia Saarinen and Kirsi Rinne