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Guide to applying for research funding: Research plan and budget

Research plan

The research plan must always be customised to the funding call in question, complying with funder and call-specific instructions and observing the goals and focal points of the funder.

We recommend asking both colleagues with knowledge of the scientific content and outsiders to comment on the research plan. The evaluators of the application may not be experts of your field, which is why it is important to ensure that the text is universally understandable and as explicit as possible and does not require the evaluator to read between the lines.

If the funder has specified a structure for the application/research plan, use it. If not, we recommend including the following project information in the plan, depending on the word count limitations of the application and the size of the project:

  • background/rationale
  • objectives, potential results, their dissemination and exploitation
  • phasing and schedule of the implementation
  • organisation and management
  • budget
  • risk management
  • policies regarding meetings, communications, financial monitoring and other administration
  • aspects related to ethics and open science

Project resources

Think about all the resources needed in the project (facilities, equipment, software, staff (research and potential administrative staff)), available funding and potential university's own funding as well as the schedule of the project. If necessary, more detailed information is available in the services in question (finances, HR, IT, facilities services, production services, see contact information in tab Services and contact persons). Projects requiring a project coordinator/manager must also budget the coordinator’s/manager’s project salary, either full-time or part-time, if the funder’s terms allow it. Observe the funder’s instructions regarding eligible costs, for example, and possible instructions of Uniarts Helsinki concerning the funder in question.

Contact persons

Research Services provide assistance

in the administrative aspects of the application and, if you like, comment on your research plan and its structure.

SibA, CERADA, History Forum

Senior Research Funding Advisor Tiia Saarinen,, 040 860 9538

TeaK, KuvA, CfAR

Advisor Kirsi Rinne,, 050 440 4150

Further infromation

Uniarts guidelines for the Academy of Finland September call (in Artsi)

The internet offers various tips for writing the different parts of the research plan, for example: