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This guide includes information about the remote use and terms of use of electronic materials, and how to access and use e-books.

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  • contact information, general information about using electronic materials, and terms of use

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Using e-materials

Who can use electronic materials?

All library patrons can use the electronic materials acquired by Uniarts library on library computers. Uniarts students and staff can also use electronic materials remotely. Search service Arsca and library databases also include open access materials that everyone can access and use.

Read more about remote use below.

Remote use

What does remote use mean?

Remote use means that the paid for electronic materials acquired or subscribed to by the library (article databases such as JSTOR and EBSCO, MOT dictionary etc.) can be accessed outside Uniarts network, from home or out of country, through an EZProxy-server. Remote access is possible with Uniarts username.

Who can use e-materials remotely?

Remote use is restricted to Uniarts staff and students who have valid Uniarts credentials.

How can I read e-materias?

E-materials can be accessed remotely through library provided links or via search service Arsca.

Remote use via Database list

You can access databases remotely directly from the links on the database list. The same links give you access to databases whether you are logged in to Uniarts network on-site or remotely. In remote use, the user is asked to log in with Uniarts username after clicking a link of a databse, and then granted access to the resource. In Uniarts network the link directs the user directly to the resource. Remote use functions on all browsers, and you don't have to edit the browser settings. Cookies have to be accepted, if requested by the browser. The databse list can be filtered by type or content, and you can serach the list.

Remote use via Arsca

E-materials provided via Arsca are accessible both remotely and at Uniarts network. When using remotely, it is advisable to first log in to Arsca with Uniarts username (Haka login method), after which you won't be asked to log in again. Read more about Arsca.

General terms of use

The e-material terms of use define what you can and cannot do with the materials. The terms of use common to all materials include:

  • External users (so-called “walk-in users”) can use the materials on library computers.
  • The materials can be printed or saved partly (for example, single articles), if possible.

Many of the university library’s e-materials have been acquired from the national electronic library FinELib. You can view the terms of use for all of the material at FinELib’s website. As a rule, the terms of use for other materials are similar to those that apply to FinELib’s materials.

International e-materials search

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International e-materials search: online links to e.g. numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies, articles and e-books from many different disciplines and publishers.


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