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Electronic materials: Home

This guide includes information about the remote use and terms of use of electronic materials, and how to access and use e-books.

International e-materials search

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International e-materials search: online links to e.g. numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies, articles and e-books from many different disciplines and publishers.


Remote access

What does remote access to databases mean?

Remote access to databases and other online services means that the university library’s paid databases (article databases such as JSTOR and EBSCO, MOT Dictionary, Oxford Handbooks Online, etc.) are accessible outside the university’s premises, such as at home or from abroad, by using the EZproxy server. Remote access is granted with the Uniarts login information.

Who can use remote access to database?

The library’s remote access service is meant for the University of the Arts Helsinki’s staff and students, and it requires a valid Uniarts login username.

How do I access the database?

The e-materials can be accessed remotely through the university’s databases list hyperlinks or through the Uniarts search service Arsca.

Remote access via the Databases page

Remote access to the databases is granted directly through the library’s databases list’s hyperlinks. The same hyperlinks can also be used to access databases both within the university’s internal web (at different university buildings) and for remote use. Remote access for home use will be granted with university login information. After signing in, you will have access to the databases. Accessing the database within the university’s internal web will direct you straight to the databases. Remote access works on all browsers, and no settings need to be changed. Allow cookies, if necessary.

Remote access via Arsca

You can access electronic materials through Arsca remotely almost as easily as from the Uniarts network. All you need to do is to log in to Arsca with your Uniarts credentials (haka login). By logging in you can get more search results from electronic content and you'll be able to access available content without further logins. Read more about Arsca.

Downloading e-books

Like other electronic materials, e-books can be accessed remotely with Uniarts credentials. Other than Uniarts customers can use EBSCO and Ebook Central e-books on-site on library computers, but Ellibs e-books can only be read and downloaded with Uniarts credentials.

You can read e-books on your browser, but they are also available for download in PDF or EPUB formats. Most of the e-books available via EBSCO and Ebook Central are DRM-restricted: to download them, you need a personal Adobe ID and a book reader software. Signing up for an Adobe ID and downloading required software is free of charge. Adobe ID is used to authorize your device, and to sync e-books between your devices.  You only have to authorize your devices once.

Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions

1. Create your personal Adobe ID,

2. Download the relevant app or software for your device,

3. And authorize it with your Adobe ID.

3.1 Adobe Digital Editions: Choose Help > Authorize computer:

Help > Authorize Computer selection


3.2 Adobe Digital Editions: Log in with your Adobe ID:

Sign in with your Adobe ID


3.3 Adobe Digital Editions: you are now ready to read DRM-restricted books on your computer:

Authorization complete


4. DRM-restricted e-books that you open in Adobe Digital Editions are downloaded as ACSM files (strictly speaking ACSM file is a link or a token which is used to download e-books from Adobe’s server). Your computer might not “know” which program to open the file with, so you may have to locate ADE from your computer. Usually it’s located in Program Files (x86) (see image below).

Screenshot of a folder structure, showing the location of Adobe Digital Editions.


You must create a separate account to EBSCO in order to download DRM-restricted e-books on EBSCO's platform.

A prompt to sign in to EBSCO when downloading an e-book.

Naxos mobile app

Naxos Music Library mobile app is available on Android and iOS. Sign up in Naxos, download the app on your device, and login with your e-mail and password you just created:

1) Go to Naxos on your computer. Go to Playlists page and choose Sign up.

Naxoksen Playlists-sivu.

(Image: Playlists page in Naxos. Click the image to enlarge.)

2) On "Sign up new account" page give your details. Use your uniarts e-mail address (create a new, unique password).

Naxos registration form.

(Image: Sign up page in Naxos. Click the image to enlarge.)

3) On completion you will receive an activation link to your e-mail. After approving it, you can return to Naxos.

Rekisteröitymisen vahvistus.

(Image: Registration completed page. Click the image to enlarge.)

4) Find the NML app from your app store (Android, iOS) and install it. Log in with your e.mail address and password (DON'T use Connect with your institution log in method). You are now ready to use the Naxos Music Library mobile app.

Naxoksen Android-sovelluksen sisäänkirjautumissivu.

(Image: Log in page on Naxos Android app. Click the image to enlarge.)

Terms of use

The e-material terms of use define what you can and cannot do with the materials. The terms of use common to all materials include:

  • External users (so-called “walk-in users”) can use the materials on library computers.
  • The materials can be printed or saved partly (for example, single articles), if possible.

Many of the university library’s e-materials have been acquired from the national electronic library FinELib. You can view the terms of use for all of the material at FinELib’s website. As a rule, the terms of use for other materials are similar to those that apply to FinELib’s materials.

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