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Quick guide

How to find e-books?

You can find almost all e-books purchased at Uniarts from Arsca's basic search, but you can also search them from individual e-book services.

Where can I read e-books?

You can access e-books remotely anywhere by logging in to Arsca with your Uniarts username. Choose University of the Arts Helsinki as your hoem organisation in the Haka login page.

You can also read e-books on customer computers at Uniarts library, if you don't have a Uniarts username.

How can I read e-books?

Most e-books can be read directly on the browser.

Some e-books can downloaded as PDF files.

Most e-books can be downloaded to your own device, and sometimes this is the only option. For donwloading, you need a reader software that supports DRM (Digital Rights Management), usually Adobe Digital Editions. See instructions on Download e-books page.

How do I return an e-book?

E-books are automatically returned after the due date and no overdue fees are carried. In Ellibs there is the option to return e-books before the due date, so that the next customer can have it sooner (see Ellibs instructions).

When you download e-books, the "loans" can only be seen in the e-book service, not in Arsca.

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