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Electronic materials: Naxos mobile app

This guide includes information about the remote use and terms of use of electronic materials, and how to access and use e-books.

Naxos mobile app

Naxos Music Library mobile app is available on Android and iOS. Sign up in Naxos, download the app on your device, and login with your e-mail and password you just created:

1) Go to Naxos on your computer. Go to Playlists page and choose Sign up.

Naxoksen Playlists-sivu.

Image: Playlists page in Naxos. Click image to enlarge.

2) On "Sign up new account" page give your details. Use your uniarts e-mail address (create a new, unique password).

Naxos registration form.

Image: Sign up page in Naxos. Click image to enlarge.

3) On completion you will receive an activation link to your e-mail. After approving it, you can return to Naxos.

Rekisteröitymisen vahvistus.

Image: Registration completed page. Click image to enlarge.

4) Find the NML app from your app store (Android, iOS) and install it. Log in with your e.mail address and password (DON'T use Connect with your institution log in method). You are now ready to use the Naxos Music Library mobile app.

Naxoksen Android-sovelluksen sisäänkirjautumissivu.

Image: Login page on Naxos Android app. Click image to enlarge.

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