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Guide to applying for research funding: About the guide and contents

About the guide

The purpose of this guide is to support the researchers of the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) in applying for external research funding. The guide runs through the different stages of the application process, some of which are simultaneous or overlapping. Academies and research units can provide more detailed instructions. The guide also features information for those applying for personal grants.

The Project guide for researchers provides assistance in the management of already granted funding.

Please note that the policies and rules followed when applying for funding directed at activities other than research may differ from those described in this guide.

Applying for research funding as a process

Guide contents

About the guide

  • Presentation of the Guide to applying for research funding, the process of applying for research funding as an image

Research services in the application phase

  • General description of the services offered by the Uniarts Helsinki's shared Research Services when applying for research funding, contact details of the Research Services

When you need funding for your research

  • Most common funders, funding databases, the compatibility of the research idea with the strategic goals of the university and the unit, obtaining the commitment of the university

After finding an appropriate form of funding

  • Starting the application process, how and when to obtain the commitment of the university

Finnish foundations

  • General information on applying for funding from Finnish foundations

Research plan and budget

  • Structure of the research plan, budget, HR plan, data management and publication plans, communication and interaction

Application forms

  • General information on the administrative forms, Uniarts Helsinki's PIC number, Business ID and authorisation, ORCID ID

Application-phase agreements

  • General information on agreements, DESCA model consortium agreement (EU's Horizon projects)

Description of ethical aspects and statement from the Ethics Committee

  • Description of the ethical issues in the application, Ethical Review Committee of Uniarts Helsinki

Approving the application and sending it to the funder

  • The approval process of the application, submitting it to the funder

Services and contact persons

  • Research-related services and their contact persons

Further information

  • More information on funders (Research Council of Finland, Business Finland, Horizon Europe), open science and research, and for those working on a personal grant

Contact persons

This guide will continue to be updated based on feedback.

Questions, feedback, etc. concerning this guide

Tiia Saarinen, Senior Research Funding Advisor, Research Services
040 860 9538

Further information

Process description of the application phase is in the IMS system (in Finnish).