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E-books: Ellibs


Using Ellibs

See general instructions on how to download e-books to your device.

See Ellibs Library's own instructions.

Authorized users

Ellibs Library is available to Uniarts students and staff only. Log in with you Uniarts username (HAKA login method).

Terms of use

Permitted use of Ellibsin.


E-books can't be read or downloaded if all digital copies are on loan. You can reserve titles in the service.

Remote use

Uniarts students and staff can use Ellibs online or via Ellibs app.


Available reservations will be notified via e-mail. If you use Ellibs app, you can activate the app notifications.

Freeze your reservation:

  • If you want to schedule your reservation to a more convenient period, you can freeze your place in the reservation queue.
  • When your reservation is frozen, other users can pass you by in the queue but you retain your current position.
  • Don't freeze your reservation if you want to access the title as soon as possible!


You can read most e-books on your browser.

  • NB! Not all e-books can be read online. Then you need a separate reading app (Adobe Digital Editions).

Ellibs e-books can also be read on Ellibs mobile app. More instructions below.

Download to computer

E-books can be downloaded to your computer, to which you need Adobe Digital Editions app. After installing the app:

  • choose the loan period and click "Download"
  • open the acsm-file with Adobe Digital Editions

Download to mobile device (Ellibs app)

You can use Ellibs e-books with the Ellibs mobile app.

Log in with your Uniarts username.

  • If the app freezes after logging in, close the login page in your mobile browser. This way you can continue to the app.
  • If the Elibs library is empty, log out and back in.

Returning loans

Loans are automatically returned after the loan period is over. Return the loan before the due date if you don't need it anymore, so that others can access it.


Printing is restricted on a title by title basis.

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