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E-books: EBSCO



See general instructions on how to download e-books to your device.

With EBSCO e-books you also have to register separately to EBSCO in order to download DRM protected e-books to your device.

Authorized users

Uniarts students and staff, and other users on library computers.


Varies on a case-by-case basis, but most e-books are licensed to 1-3 concurrent users. Use might be restricted if the title is on loan.

Most e-book functionalities (such as annotating) require a My EBSCOhot account that you can create in the service. See "Downloading" below.

Remote use

Remote use available only to Uniarts students and staff with a personal Uniarts username.


You can read e-books online in EBSCO's reading app by choosing PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text.

If the page is dormant for 30 minutes, the book closes by itself.

Read more instructions from EBSCO's eBooks guide or see the video below:


Some e-books (PDF or EPUB) can be downloaded to your computer and mobile device. You need Adobe Digital Editions app.

Not all e-books can be downloaded, but those you can read online.

To download you also need to register for an EBSCO account. Create the account from the Sign in link on the top of the page (unless you already have a My EBSCOhost account).

After registering

  • Download the file to your device by choosing Full Download.
  • Choose the loan period (1-7 days) and the format (PDF or EPUB).

More instructions on downloading from EBSCO's pages (see links below), or see the video below:


Printing and copying to your personal use is allowed. Title-specific restrictions can be found from the books' pages.

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