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Downloading e-books: Adobe Digital Editions

Most e-book scan be read online on your browser but are also available to download in PDF or EPUB format, when you can read them offline. Most of the e-books available from EBSCO, Ebook Central and Ellibs are DRM protected, and you need a dedicated e-book reader software. Read more about Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Donwloadn instructions below apply to all DRM protected e-books. If necessary, see service specific instructions on international and Finnish e-books.

Adobe Digital Editions

Follow these steps to start using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

  1. Download the program or app:
  2. If you don't want to synchronize e-book sbetween your devices, authorize your computer without Adobe ID. But if you want to e.g. continue reading your e-book on another device, see part "Synchronize e-books: Adobe ID". With mobile apps Adobe ID is required.

    Choose Help > Authorize computer, and from the pop-up window I want to authorize my computer without an ID:Computer Authorization window in Adobe Digital Editions.

  3. You can now download and read e-books on your device.
    "Your Computer Has Been Authorized" notofication.

Downloading an e-book

  1. Download an e-book from an e-book service. See service-specific instructions if needed:
    • International e-books
    • Finnish e-books
  2. Your computer might not know which software to use to open the e-book file (.acsm) you downloaded. and you may have to search ADE from the apps on your computer.
  3. Choose Helper Application > Browse. Usually ADE is located in the Program Files (see image below).
  4. E-book is opened in ADE, and you can start reading.
    Choose ADE to open acsm-files.

Strictly speaking ACSM-files are links or tokens, that ADE uses to download e-books from Adobe's servers.

Synchronize e-books: Adobe ID

If you wish to read a DRM protected e-book on other deivces than just the one you used to download it, you need a personal Adobe ID. You can get it for free. Adobe ID is used to authorize your devices (laptop, iPad etc.) and synchronize e-books between them. You only need to authorize a device once.

  1. Create you Adobe ID.
  2. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. Choose Help > Authorize computer:
    Authorize your computer option in ADE's Help menu.

  3. Log in with your Adobe ID:
    Login page in ADE.

  4. Now you can transfer e-books between the devices you have authorized in this manner:
    Your Computer Has Been Authorized -window.

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