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Uniarts Helsinki's UniartsCRIS system guide. The guide is under development and will be updated during 2022-2023.

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Edit profile: check and complete your profile information

Add publications: report your publications

Add artistic activities: artistic activities are one form of publications

Add research activities and merits, and other expert tasks

Uniarts conferences: Conferences/seminars organized by the University of the Arts Helsinki are also reported to the system

Contact information

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  • Helena Haimi
  • Kirsi Rinne
  • Erkki Nurmi
  • Harri Ollikainen


What is UniartsCRIS?

UniartsCRIS is a research information system, where Uniarts' teachers, researchers and doctoral students report annually their own Publications, Artistic activities and Research and other activities.

The system replaces the old SoleCRIS system. Publications and artistic activities have been converted from the old system. The expert tasks will be moved by the end of the year 2022.

The dead line for 2022 reports is January 31st 2023

Publications and artistic activities

Uniarts Helsinki report on its operations to the Ministry of Education and Culture annually. Artistic activities and research are central indicators of societal impact. The results of the publications have a significant impact, about 1 M€ / year on the University’s funding. The funding will be allocated to the academies in accordance with the university’s internal funding model. 

Artistic activity (e.g. public performances, exhibitions, concerts, compositions) is one publication type in the system and it’s reported under the Publications function. 


You can update your own profile information in the system. Profiles are public but you can hide your profile if needed. Also service staff can add and update their profile information.

Research activities and expert tasks

Research activities and expert tasks are also reported to the UniartsCRIS system (e.g. expert assignments, international visits, presentations).

Conferences organized by uniarts

Conferences organized by Uniarts are reported to the system annually.

Connection to the national research portal

Uniarts research publications and artistic activities data are transferred to the national and public portal monthly (starting February 2023).


By connecting your ORCID iD with your Uniarts account you can transfer your ORCID iD between different services: from UniartsCRIS your ORCID iD goes to the national service, and there's a UniartsCRIS integration under development which will transfer your publication information directly to ORCID. See more information about connecting your ORCID iD to Uniarts services.