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Publishing guide: Theses

Submitting theses to Taju

Submitting theses to Taju

Deliver your written thesis (or the written part of your proficiency demonstration) to the library in electronic format by submitting it into our institutional repository Taju. Library does not take printed copies any more. You are required to do this even if you do not give your permission for Open Access publication of your work. Submit your thesis into Taju at the same time when you submit it for assessment. Make sure that you submit the same version that you sent for assessment.

Before you submit your work for assessment and submit it to Taju, please note the following:

  • Thesis is a public document. It must not contain such private or classified things that could not be published. That kind of things must remain in thesis' background material which is not published in the thesis.
  • If you have a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons, please contact study services.
  • Thesis must be accessible and in PDF/A format. Name the file according to Lastname_Firstname_year.pdf .
    • Accessibility means that the document can be used by anyone regardless of disabilities, for example that computer screen readers can interpret the document correctly.
    • PDF/A format is suitable for long-term archiving, which means that PDF/A documents will work even after decades.
    • We recommend consulting the excellent Thesis accessibility guidelines by Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, which also tell you how to make an accessible PDF/A from a MS Word document.
  • The author is responsible for quoting the image, table, text, note and other material contained in the Work as required by the Copyright Act. The original author and source must be reported in accordance with good scientific practice. Ask your thesis supervisor for more information.

This guide is only about saving your written thesis or the written part of your proficiency demonstration (PDF/A) into library's institutional repository Taju. Please contact your academy's study services or your supervisor on other things related to proficiency demonstration (for example how to handle artistic part of your proficiency demonstration). Practices may vary between academies.

To submit your work into Taju decide first if you want to publish it as Open Access. Then it can be downloaded and read from anywhere without restrictions. The other option is to submit it into a restricted collection. Then it is only readable on library's Taju workstations. The information about the work (author, title, abstract) will still be freely available online, as Open Access and the thesis is in any case a public document, which everyone has a right to get access to. We recommend publishing your thesis as Open Access. To begin the submitting process click one of the following links, according to your decision (this decision is final):

  1. Submit your work to Taju to be published online as Open Access
  2. Submit your work to Taju's restricted collection

After logging into Taju you will be asked for your PDF/A file and then information about your work. In the end you'll get to accept the publication license. You can move forward in the process with the "Next" button.

After you have submitted your work to Taju, it will not be publicly visible yet. Library will finalize the process after the information about the passed assessment of your work has reached the library. After process is finalized, your work will become visible in either open or restricted collection, according to your earlier choice. The selection cannot be changed afterwards.

In questions related to writing your proficiency demonstration, you will get help from your thesis supervisor or your academy's study services. The library helps in questions related to submitting your work into Taju through .

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