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Opera music guide: Home

a guide to the library's printed and electronic opera materials

A guide to the library's printed and electronic opera materials

On the pages of this guide, you will find printed and electronic sources of information related to opera music, as well as instructions for searching opera materials.

Guide content

The library has an extensive collection of operas in sheet music, sound recordings and video recordings.

The collection contains opera scores, piano scores, individual arias with piano accompaniment, and librettos. The library also has plenty of opera videos, recordings, magazines, singing guides and reference works.

Our international electronic databases contain articles, books and other scientific publications as well as AV materials.

Sheet music

Information about the library's printed sheet music and links to e-sheet music

AV materials

Information about the library's recording collections and e-materials containing recordings

Books, theses and reference books

Information about the library's printed publications and links to e-materials


Information about magazines with opera topics offered by the library.

Articles and databases

Links to databases provided by the University of the Arts.

Other information sources

Links to various opera-themed music websites such as industry organizations, operators and music stores.

Contact information

University of the Arts Helsinki Library (Sibelius-Academy) :

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The mask of an opera performance

Music materials of the reading room

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