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Music: Articles and databases

Searching for articles

In Arsca you can search for electronic journal articles. Arsca is a good place to start when you haven’t yet quite decided on a topic for your thesis and/or if you want to see what material your library has in its collections. Once you’ve gotten a clearer picture of your thesis topic, you can narrow down your search and use the advanced search option in the databases.

You can often find full-text articles (in PDF or HTML format) via Arsca or some other database. If the database doesn’t provide a link to the full text (Full Text / PDF / HTML)

You can also search for articles published in foreign scientific journals separately in the original databases if you want:

You can search for Finnish scientific journals and articles in the following databases:

International e-materials search

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International e-materials search: online links to e.g. numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies, articles and e-books from many different disciplines and publishers.


Searching for peer-reviewed articles

A peer-reviewed article is reviewed by an editorial board or other experts of the same field before the article’s publication. Peer-review is seen as a way to make sure that the article is of high scientific standard.

It is possible to limit the search results to only peer-reviewed articles when using search portals, such as Arsca. You can perform an advanced search in the EBSCO and ProQuest search portals by checking off the following box:

Ebook Centralin etusivu.
EBSCO-tietokannan etusivu.
Alexander Street Pressin Music Online -kokoelman etusivu.
Project Musen etusivu.
ProQuest-tietokannan etusivu.
DOAB-hakupalvelun etusivu.
Babel Scores nuottitietokannan etusivu.
IPA Source -palvelun etusivu.
Grove Music Online -palvelun etusivu.
Naxos Music Libraryn etusivu.
Met Opera On Demand -palvelun etusivu.


Full list of libray's databases, including those on trial.

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