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Fine Arts: Books

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Academy of Fine Arts loan periods:

  • open collection (avokokoelma) 28 days
  • course materials (kurssiaineisto for 0 to 14 days

Academy of Fine Arts Library's library code is Tx.

New titles

If the title has been borrowed out please make a request in in Arsca database or Uniarts Finna.

More new titles in Arca database New Titles: Arsca

Printed publications as sources of information

The book collection mainly includes literature related to the academy’s bachelor's and master's programmes in painting, sculpture, printmaking and time and space arts. The time and space arts study programme includes orientation modules for moving image, photography and site and situation specific arts. Additionally, the library’s collections include materials to support the academy’s artistic research and the Praxis Master’s programme.

Fields of contemporary art represented in the collections include environmental art, land art, spatial art, installations, performance, community art, conceptual art, video and media arts and experimental cinema.

Contemporary artist monographs and exhibition publications are central materials. Literature related to art theory and research on contemporary art is also a target for comprehensive acquisition.

FINNA Search


Search service for Uniarts Helsinki Library material, including e-material. 

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The Uniarts Helsinki Library database of collections

Make an acquisition proposal

If you don’t find the material that you need in the library’s collections you can make a proposal for new material.

Please check first in the Uniarts Finna service if the material you are proposing is already available at University of the Arts Helsinki library.

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