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Fine Arts: Theses

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Master Thesis Documentations at the library

How can I read the master's theses documentations in the library?

If you have already found that the thesis is not in Taju, please search with the help of the instructions on the right the reference information of theses documentations.


Please read the following instructions before coming to the library to read the theses:


• Bring a separate sheet of paper with a clear handwriting list showing the name of the thesis author and the year when the thesis was finished. All of this information can be found in the reference information for example from Finna.

• Maximum 5 copies for one customer at a time.

• Reserve enough time to read the theses in the library. Arrive at the library no later than half an hour before the closing of the library's service hours.

• The library staff will search the theses for you to read in the library's premises. Master's theses are kept in archive cabinets, from which the library staff retrieves the theses for you.

• The theses are not borrowed and cannot be used during self-service hours.

• Do not eat or drink while viewing the theses. The material must be handled with care, as the theses are archive pieces.

NB! The teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts who needs the theses for teaching, should contact the library staff:

Thesis as sources of information

Thesis documents accepted by the Academy of Fine Arts academic council for master-level theses will be stored in the library (starting 2014). The library will also hold a copy of the academy’s fine arts doctoral degree dissertation documents and written parts. The documents are not available for loan but can be requested for viewing in the library.

The reference information for the documentation components of theses by students graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with a Master's degree starting 2014 are available in Arsca.

Starting autumn 2015 the documentations in full-text (pdf) are also available via University of the Arts Helsinki Taju repository, if the student has given permission.

How to find master's thesis documentations

The documentations in full-text (pdf) are available via University of the Arts Helsinki Taju repository

Search example: start the search from the Taju search page: word search: surname Collection: current collection

The reference information of the Master's Thesis documentations (starting 2014) are available in Arsca.

Please use Arsca search (top right on this page):

  • Search example 1: Search with the following phrase: "kuvataiteen maisterin opinnäytetyö"
  • Search example 2: Search with: "kuvataiteen maisterin opinnäytetyö" tila-aika
  • (alternatively you can add word: kuvanveiston, taidegrafiikan, maalaustaiteen, praxis)
  • After you have received your search result use Narrow Search options, for example Language to limit your results to English documentations. 

Academy of Fine Arts dissertations

Academy of Fine Arts doctoral thesis are available in full-text in Uniarts Taju repository.      

Arsca basic search

Arsca logo

Uniarts Finna portal Arsca is a search service for the library’s printed and electronic resources, and you can also renew your loans, make requests, pay fees and save your favourites


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