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DMPTuuli guide: 6. Responsibilities and resources

Data management responsibilities and resources

6.1 Who will be responsible for specific tasks of data management during the life cycle of the research project? Also estimate the resources (e.g. funding, time, and effort) required for data management.

Some of the responsibilities have already been described in the previous answers. You can refer to them or summarize all responsibilities with an estimation of the resources needed.

Publishing the data can require a lot of preparation, e.g. selecting, organizing, describing and moving the data, producing metadata, and the anonymization of data. Estimate the need to hire expert help to manage, preserve and share the data. Consider the additional computational facilities and resources that need to be accessed, and what the associated costs will amount to.

The better the planning for data management in the beginning of the project, the less work is needed when data is opened and preserved.

Tips for best practices

  • Specify your data management costs in the budget.

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