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Data Management Planning

The Publishing and Data Policy of the University of Art requires a material management plan to be drawn up at the design stage of the research. The content management plan allows you to understand the whole life cycle of data used in your research, as well as to reduce data-related risks. Research data refers to the resources that the researcher produces or uses during the research process. This will ensure the ethical, safe and effective use of the research material during and after the study. For this reason, research organizations and research funders have begun to demand a research data management plan (f.e Academy of Finland).

A DMP tutorial has been developed as a tool for planning asset management, which provides guidance on how to proceed step by step. DMP has guidelines and different template responses. Research funders are also involved in their data management requirements, which should be followed. The DMP Project plan can be worked out together with colleagues and can be supplemented as research proceeds. A completed material management plan is attached to the funding application.

At the beginning of the study, the various agreements, guidelines and laws are binding on the various research contracts. Next, it is good to consider how to carry out the research taking into account the fact that as much as possible can be published transparently. Then create the ORCID research identifier for yourself and / or your team and sign up for DMPTuuli.

It is essential for good data management to have a high-quality descriptive (meta-) data and saving so that its opening and future use is possible in the future. The plan will be complemented during the study, but the principles must be clear right from the start. Additional, supplementary guidelines are available for the handling of sensitive information. When utilizing openly distributed research data is the source of the material and the factors are important for publication in accordance with good practice.

Guidelines for the Finnish Academy can be found on both the FA's own website and the DMPTuuli.

If you do not want to use the DMPTuuli program, you can also make a plan in accordance with other instructions from the sponsor and the research organization.

More information

Support for data management

It is best to consider the different stages of the life cycle of research data already when drafting a research plan: an open research process and good data management makes the research more verifiable and increases the reproducibility of research.

Research results can therefore be used time and time again, also in decision-making, and thanks to digitalisation, future generations of researchers will have access to a constantly growing volume of data. Well-planned data management also saves time, makes archiving of material easier and simplifies the process involving open publishing. Taking care of research data is also part of responsible conduct of research.

The Uniarts Helsinki Library can give you support in using the data management planning tool DMPTuuli as well as in questions related to data descriptions, open publishing and long-term preservation. More information is available in this guide, and by contacting the Library,