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Project guide for researchers: Research services in the project launch

What is a research project?

In this guide, the term ‘research project’ refers to a research project which receives external funding and is based on a research plan approved by the financier and regulated by any possible agreements signed with them. Consortium projects are additionally governed by a consortium agreement. A research project has a budget, goals, assigned researchers and defined responsibilities. The project has a limited duration.

This guide concerns funded research projects which are undertaken by a group of researchers or a single researcher, and are either carried out in or coordinated by Uniarts Helsinki (in the case of consortium projects).

Co-funded research projects

Co-funded research projects receive basic funding from the university but are also funded in part by an external party. Typical co-funded projects include projects funded by the Academy of Finland, Business Finland or the European Union. These projects may involve one or several parties. In a consortium project, Uniarts Helsinki may act either as a coordinator or a partner. Uniarts Helsinki researchers working on a co-funded research project are employed by the university.

Research projects funded by a foundation and personal grant

A project funded by a foundation (or equivalent) becomes a university project when the monetary transactions and/or employment relationship matters are handled through Uniarts Helsinki. Examples include the researcher’s salary paid by the foundation, expenditure grant awarded by the foundation, management fees paid to Uniarts Helsinki by the project and university compensation paid by the researcher.

A personal grant awarded by a foundation is paid directly to the researcher, not the university. A researcher funded by a personal grant is not employed by the university. A researcher funded by a foundation may affiliate with the university for the duration of the project by signing a visitation contract. The contract specifies the rights and responsibilities of the visiting researcher as well as the services available to them. An affiliated researcher will report on their results, such as publications, in accordance with the university’s practices.

Take contact

Management and development of the Research Services
Merja Sagulin

Applying for research funding
Tiia Saarinen (SibA, CERADA, History Forum)
Kirsi Rinne, Advisor (TeaK, KuvA, Center for Artistic Research)

Project administration
Aino Alatalo
Johanna Rauhaniemi
Michaela Bränn

Open science, ethical review
Riikka Palonkorpi

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