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Project guide for researchers: Home


The purpose of this guide is to give information on high-quality project management for Uniarts Helsinki researchers who have received external funding. This guide is primarily aimed at researchers and principal investigators working on co-funded research projects (i.e. projects funded by the university as well as an outside source). This guide can also be used by researchers affiliated with Uniarts Helsinki where applicable. The guide covers the entire life cycle of a project from initiation to completion.

You can find from the Guide to applying research funding information related to applying for research funding, for example on funders and their deadlines as well as the Uniarts Helsinki guidelines.

The life cycle of a research project diagram. The main point: Project planning, Applying for research funding, Project launch, Project implementation and Project closure.

Project guide for researchers contact person

Johanna Rauhaniemi (Research Services)

Unless otherwise stated, the e-mail address for each contact person in this guide follows the format:
Some of the instructions from the University of the Arts Helsinki are only available on the Artsi intranet and require a username and password.