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This guide introduces alternative ways to access articles which are not included in Uniarts Helsinki library subscriptions and databases.

1. Check first if the article is available in Arsca

If you are looking for a specific article that was published in a foreign scientific journal, follow these instructions:

  • Check if the article is available via Arsca by using the International e-materials search function. 
  • Remember that not all articles on EBSCO can be found using the article search in Arsca.
  • If you cannot find the article using the International e-materials search function, but you know the name or parts of the name of the journal, you can also search the journal itself in Arsca's basic search

Also take note of the following:

  • The material that you are looking for may be available in services provided by publishers after an embargo period.
  • You cannot necessarily find the most recent articles using the search if they are available via the publishers’ own services.
  • The references are updated in the search index later on, which can mean anything from a week to even years.
  • The search engine finds references also to publications that aren’t available within the university.

2. Check if the article is available elsewhere

Paywalled articles may be openly available somewhere else, e.g. self-archived in university publication archives or repositories.

  • Unpaywall is a browser (Firefox, Chrome) add-on, which checks whether a paywalled article is openly available e.g. in repositories. It directs youto the Open Access version with a single click. Unpaywall includes over 30 million Open Access articles harvested legally from repositories and various library systems. The add-on is permissible and highly recommended.
  • Open Access archives, such as CORE, BASE and DOAJ include hundreds of millions Open Access publications.
  • Check the article or journal availability from University of Helsinki Helka database. If it's included in UH subscriptions, you can access it locally at UH libraries for free.
  • It's also possible to access articles through Google Scholar in cases where they are available in services such ResearchGate - please note that e.g. ResearchGate includes a lot of publications uploaded there without permission, and there are no guarantees that they will remain there.
  • Read more about the subject from FinELib's Alternative Access page, and University of Helsinki blog post "Testing Alternative Access – some other ways to reach research articles" (2019-02-14).

3. Interlibrary loan

If the article you need is not available in Arsca, the Helka database or it cannot be found e.g. in the journal’s online archive for free, the library will provide interlibrary loan service if you so request by borrowing the material from another Finnish or a foreign library. The inter-library loan service is available only to Uniarts Helsinki’s researchers, students and staff members. You will receive the article after filling in an interlibrary request form on Artsi.

Interlibrary request form and instructions on Arsca: See also the interlibrary loan service charges.

Before placing an interlibrary loan request, we recommend that you search the article by following the instructions above.

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