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RefWorks guide: Word processor add-ons

Insert citations and add bibliographies to your manuscript

Using RefWorks add-ons you can insert citations directly into your text document, and automatically create a bibliography with the citaiton style of your choice. The add-ons are Write-N-Cite for Microsoft Office Word (up to 2013, desktop), Citation Manager (Word 2016 and above, and Word Online) and Cite in Google Docs. You can install the add-ons via RefWorks, and check RefWorks pages to find the right writing tool for your operating system and version of Microsoft Word.

The add-ons don't support institutional login. You can, however, easily create an alternate password so you can login with a username. See instructions from Creating a RefWorks account page.

How to enable and download Write-N-Cite

You can add your citations from your RefWorks account straight into your Word document by using the Write-N-Cite add-on. You can install it to your computer; see instructions below. The add-on is installed on Uniarts IT classroom computers, and on Uniarts work computers you can enable the add-on without installing it.

Write-N-Cite is not available on Office 365.

RefWorks Citation Manager is an add-on compatible with Word 2016, and you can download it from MS shop. See videos about Citation Manager on this page.

Enable Write-N-Cite on a Uniarts computer

If you have a Uniarts computer, Write-N-Cite is already installed, but you have to enable it in Word.

  1. Open Word -> File (-> on a small screen -> More) -> Options -> Add-ins -> Manage: COM Add-ins -> Go
  2. Choose Write-N-Cite -> OK
  3. Wait a moment, and a RefWorks tab will appear to your Word. If nothing happens, close and Word again. If you need help, contact the IT support.
  4. Login with your RefWorks account (see instructions on creating a RefWorks account).
    Add-ins menu in Word options.
    Image: Add-ins menu in Word options

    "COM Add-ins" menu in Word.
    Image: COM Add-ins window in Word.

Installing on a personal computer

  1. Find the Write-N-Cite from RefWorks menu: Tools > Tools, and download it from the section Cite in Microsoft Word.
  2. You'll find the add-on from Word's RefWorks-tab (restart Word if it was running while installing the add-on). Login with your RefWorks account (see instructions on creating a RefWorks account).
    RefWorks tab in Word.

Start using Write-N-Cite

Synchronize your references

The first time you login to Write-N-Cite, it automatically synchronizes with your RefWorks account. If and when you edit or add citations to your account while Word is running, click Sync My Database, so that all changes will be updated in Write-N-Cite as well.

Insert citations

You can import citations from your RefWorks account and insert them to your document as in-text citations or footnotes. You can edit the citation style and create a bibliography.

The RefWorks tab (= Write-N-Cite) in Word includes the tools for in-text and footnote citations and for creating bibliographies. In in-text citations all you have to do is place the cursor where you want the citation and use the Insert citation option. After your work is complete, add a bibliography from Bibliography Options > Insert bibliography. The bibliography will include only the citations you have added to your text using the add-on.

Write-N-Cite add-on menu in Word.

Image: Write-N-Cite add-on menu in Word.

If you want to insert a footnote, choose "Make Footnote" when inserting a reference:

"Insert Citation" window, "Make Footnote" option selected.

Inserting page numbers to an in-text citation

Add page numbers to an in-text citation by editing it in Write-N-Cite, not directly in the text. Choose the citation, and double-click or right-click it and choose "Edit Citation":

Choosing a citation for editing.

Image: Choosing a citation in a Word document for editing.

In the "Insert/Edit Citation" window add page numbers in the "Suffix" field. Add e.g. comma, space and page number(s) according to the citation style of your choice. You'll see the preview below. Finally click OK.

Editing a citation in Write-N-Cite.

Image: Editing an in-text citation.

Choosing the citation style

There are thousands of citations styles available in RefWorks, but you need to activate them separately in Write-N-CIte.

  1. Choose any citation in your RefWorks account and "Create Bibliography"
  2. Find the citation style of your choice from the menu, e.g. “Journal of Voice”, and choose it
    Choosing a citation style in RefWorks.
  3. Open Word, or go directly to the RefWorks tab in your Word if it was already open, and "Sync My Database"
  4. The citaiton style you chose in RefWorks, is now also available in Word

Citation Manager

RefWorks Citation Manager is a Word 2016 and Word Online compatible add-on, which you can use instead of Write-N-Cite. The add-on is installed from Microsoft Store. If you want to add the add-on to a laptop managed by Uniarts, please contact the IT help:

See instructions from RefWorks pages on how to use Citation Manager, or see the video below.

Cite in Google Docs

With Cite in Google Docs add-on you can insert your citations straight into Google Docs files.


  1. Find the add-on from RefWorks menu: Tools > Tools, and download it from the section Cite in Google Docs (the link directs you to your broswer's add-on shop where the add-on is available for download).
  2. To install and start using the add-on, you have to grant ProQuest (RefWorks) the rights it requests, including access to your Google account.
  3. Activate the add-on from Google Docs Add-ons tab > ProQuest RefWorks > Manage citations
  4. Login with your RefWorks account (see Creating a RefWorks account) in the window that opens, and your citations appear in the right side of Google Docs.

Insert citations

When you cite a work, place the mouse pointer on the correct citation in the RefWorks panel and click the Cite this button. The citation appears where the cursor is. At the same time the bibliography updates automatically.

Adding references in Google Docs.

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