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RefWorks guide: Sharing your references

Sharing your references in Refworks

It is possible to share your references with other users in Refworks. The references are shared in a folder. You can give other users the permission to edit your references, comment on them or only browse them.

Sharing your references with another user

  1. Go to the Sharing menu and click on "Share folder":
    "Share a folder" option in Sharing menu.

  2. Select the folder from the drop-down menu:
    Choosing a folder.

  3. You can also go to the My Folders menu to share your references. Drag the mouse to the correct folder, click on the three dots at the end of the folder’s name and select "Share folders":
    A folder menu.

  4. Write the e-mail addresses of the people you want to share a folder with in the “Invite more people to share” field. You can edit what kind of rights other users have in your shared folders by going to the drop-down menu next to the email address. You can still edit the settings of the shared folder or change the folder by going to “Settings for”. Click on "Share folder" and then "Done":
    Sharing settings.

  5. You can check which folders you have shared with other users from the My folders menu:
    A shared folder is indicated with a two persons icon.

Reviewing sharing requests

  1. When somebody shares a Refworks folder with you, you’ll be notified via email. By clicking on the link in the message you’ll be directed to your Refworks account, or you can also login to Refworks as usual:
    A notification about shared folder.

  2. Shared folders are listed in the “Sharing” menu:
    A folder highlighted under "Sharing" menu.

  3. Accept or reject the folders that have been shared with you:
    Accepting a shared folder.


You can edit the references in the shared folders as usual (see Editing your references). All the users that you have shared the reference with will see the changes you’ve made.


Leaving shared folders and unsharing folders

  1. Click on the three dots symbol at the end of the folder’s name. If somebody else has shared a folder with you, click on "Leave shared folder" and confirm the action by clicking on "Yes". The folder will be removed from your Shared folders menu:
    Leaving a shared folder.

    A confirmation message about leaving a shared folder.

  2. If you no longer want to share your own folder, click on "Sharing settings" and "Unshare folder":
    Unsharing a folder.

    Sharing settings and unsharing a folder.

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