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RefWorks guide: Folders

Organising references into folders

You can organise imported references into folders in Refworks. The "Not in folder" and "Last imported” folders have been automatically created for all users, but users can also create their own folders.

The "Last imported" folder shows the references that have last been imported into RefWorks, and the "Not in folder" folder shows the references that haven’t been imported into other folders.

You can import a reference into multiple folders, but deleting the reference will delete it from all of the folders.

Creating a folder in Refworks

  1. The folders are available on the left side of the page in RefWorks:
    "My Folders" option in RefWorks menu.

  2. Click on the My Folders menu, and select "Add a folder":
    "Add a folder" option in "My Folders" menu.

  3. Name the folder and click "Save":
    "Name your folder" menu.

Exporting references to folders

You can export references into a folder one by one or multiple at a time.

1) The easiest way to export a single reference is by dragging it with the mouse:

Dragging a reference to a folder.

2) Exporting multiple references at the same time.

  1. Select the references from the list:
    Selected references in RefWorks.

  2. Click on the folder icon on the top row of the list, select the right folder, and click on "Apply":
    Folder menu opened.

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