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RefWorks guide: Editing references

Editing references

  1. Click on the reference you want to edit. The data will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Click on the picture of a pen on the top right corner of the reference:
    Picture icon encircled in a reference display.

  2. Now you can edit the data:
    Reference editing window.

  3. Remember to save the changes you’ve made in the end:
    "Save" option encircled.

Adding an attachment

You can add attachments (e.g. a full-text article as a PDF file) from your computer to the reference.

Open the reference and click on the pen icon on the top right corner. Click on "select a file from your computer" and select a file.

"Drop file here or select a file from your computer" prompt.

Save the changes you’ve made in the end.


You can add tags to the references that you have saved in Refworks. When you export references directly from a database, the key words and subject headings that were saved in the database will be automatically saved as tags. You can also add your own tags.

  1. Go to “Editing references”. Click on "Add tag":
    "Add tag" text encircled.

  2. When writing in the tag field, RefWorks shows the tags that you have saved for other references. You can either use the existing tags or create new ones:
    Tags menu showing multiple tags starting with "music".

  3. Save the changes you’ve made in the end.

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