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Interlibrary Loan: Ordering a specific article

Uniarts Helsinki Library

When can I use the interlibrary loan service to order an article?

If the article you need is not available in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finnathe Helka database or it cannot be found in Vaari or e.g. in the journal’s online archive free of charge, the library will provide interlibrary loan service if you so request by borrowing the material from another Finnish or a foreign library. The service is available only to Uniarts Helsinki’s researchers, students and staff members. You will receive the article after filling in an interlibrary request form on Artsi.

Interlibrary request form and instructions on Artsi:


Before placing an interlibrary loan request, we recommend that you search for the article by following the instructions below.

1. Check if the article is available in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna

If you are looking for a specific article that was published in a foreign scientific journal, follow these instructions:

  • Check to see if the article is available in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna by using the International e-materials search function. 
    • Remember that not all articles on EBSCO can be found using the article search in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna.
    • If you cannot find the article using the International e-materials search function, but you know the name or parts of the name of the journal, you can also search the journal itself in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna. Journals > Browse for journals...

Also take note of the following:

  • The material that you are looking for may be available in services provided by publishers after an embargo period.
  • You cannot necessarily find the most recent articles using the search if they are available via the publishers’ own services.
  • The references are updated in the search index later on, which can mean anything from a week to even years.
  • The search engine finds references also to publications that aren’t available within the university.

2. Check if the article is available in the Helka database

If the material cannot be found in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna, check the availability of the material in the Helka database.
You can search by using the name of the article or the name of the journal. If the material is found in the Helsinki University Library’s database, you can  go to any of the Helsinki University Library’s locations and use it there free of charge. Contact information and opening times of the Helsinki University Library:

3. Check if the article is available in the Vaari database by using Arsca

If you cannot find the article in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna or Helka database, check to see if the article is available in the National Repository Library using the Arsca search:

  • Select: Search
  • Select: Change to a different database
  • Select VAARI National Repository Library
  • Write the name of the journal that you are searching in the search field, e.g. Tanssiurheilija.
  • Request an article or a journal:
    Actions > Make a request
  • Fill in the required fields (Note: your email address must end in
  • Write your library card number in the “card number” field. The copies that you have ordered will be sent directly to the email address that you have given.
  • You can also order the entire journal to the library by placing a universal borrowing request.
  • The service is free of charge.

Note: For the time being, the service is available only through the Arsca database, not in Uniarts Helsinki’s Finna.

Finna basic search


Arsca basic search