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Project guide for researchers: Publication guide and UniartsCRIS database

Publication plan

A publication plan outlines how the research findings are going to be published and distributed to the science and art community, and possibly other audiences as well. It is best to make this plan early on, when applying for project funding. When planning for publication, the financier’s demands regarding publication and openness in research must be taken into account. When choosing publication channels, it is a good idea to pay attention to the channel’s quality and Publication Forum rating in addition to its scientific field and thematic relevance.

Self-archiving service at Uniarts Helsinki makes it possible to store a recently published scientific article, or an article soon to be published, in the publication archive Taju. Self-archiving increases the visibility, impact and scientific openness of research, researcher and university, and follows the recommendations regarding support for Open Access culture set by the European Union and several funding providers.

See Uniarts Helsinki publishing guide for more information on Open Access publishing and self-archiving.

Publishing contracts and financier visibility

Any contracts with publishers must take into account the financier’s requirements regarding open access to research results and articles. When signing publishing agreements, the researcher should make sure they retain the necessary rights for self-archiving. Most publishers allow self-archiving, sometimes after an embargo period (f.ex. from six months to one year).

Academic publications produced with research funding must mention the name of the financier and the ID number of the funding decision. It is good practice to mention any grants awarded in your CV. The financier’s name should also be mentioned in concert programmes, exhibition catalogues and other similar contexts.

Researchers employed by Uniarts Helsinki must log information pertaining to their research and artistic activities into the SoleCRIS database annually. Artistic work, publications (research and other), expert duties and international visits are logged into the Uniarts Helsinki’s SoleCRIS database.

Reporting on publications and UniartsCRIS

Artistic work, research and other publications, specialist commissions  and international visits are reported in the UniartsCRIS database. Reporting instructions can be found on the CRIS front page.

The information gathered in UniartsCRIS is used for internal and external reporting, calculating funding, monitoring research and artistic activity, as well as communications. The information on research publications recorded in CRIS is transferred to the national VIRTA Publication Information Service, whose contents can be browsed via the Juuli portal (

The reported results have a significant impact on the university’s funding for the next year. The information is also used by Uniarts Helsinki for performance appraisals, operational reviews and annual reporting.


Take contact

Reporting of research publications

Review of scientific publications, parallel recording
Erkki Nurmi, Harri Ollikainen (library)

Artistic activities, international visits, international conferences, expert assignments
Helena Haimi, Kirsi Rinne (main users university-level)
Pirjo Mulari (Academy of Fine Arts)
Alina Savolainen (Theatre Academy)
Emmi Ruth (Sibelius Academy)

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