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Project guide for researchers: Data archival

Research data archival

After the project is completed, the documentation collected in the project binder is archived for possible reuse or destroyed depending on the nature of the data. The Uniarts Helsinki document management provides assistance with storing and archiving data. See also the data management plan (esp. appendix 2).

Data protection and data security must be taken care of even if the materials are destroyed after the completion of the project.

There are various national solutions available for research data archiving. When planning for data archiving, it is advisable to consider the significance and reuse potential of the data. In addition to the Uniarts Helsinki archives, Uniarts researchers may use the Finnish Social Science Data Archive and the Music Archive Finland.

Long-term data storage

A national long-term storage solution PAS is being developed for electronic research data that are significant to the university or on a national level. If your data are nationally significant and you feel their long-term storage should be secured, you may nominate your data to be included in the PAS system through the Uniarts Helsinki research services. The following criteria can be used to evaluate the significance of the data:

  • socially-significant phenomena
  • exceptional and unique data
  • systematic data that covers a wide time range
  • historical or science historical value
  • reuse potential
  • incompletely reported materials
  • the data’s usability and documentation support long-term storage

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Document Management 
National Digital Library, contact persons in Uniarts Helsinki
Taina Turpeinen

The purpose of the document management is used to direct the efficient use of the documents and information at the University of the Arts Helsinki and its academies. A larger societal mission is to promote transparent administration, individual legal protection, and preservation of Finnish culture and its research.

Research Services
Merja Sagulin

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