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Project guide for researchers: Project launching

After a funding decision has been made

The funding of the project has been secured when the financier has sent the university a binding funding decision or when the financier has sent out an invitation to negotiations that result in a signed contract with the financier.

Once a funding decision has been made, the principal investigator and the unit serving as the site of research confirm their acceptance within a time frame set by the financier and in a manner requested by them.

The principal investigator e-mails the funding decision or a notification of the decision to the Uniarts Helsinki registry. The registry must be notified of all projects in which the researcher will be using the university’s resources, so that the necessary processes for any services needed by the researcher may be initiated.

The registry notifies research services of the funding decision. Research services forwards the information to other services, including information services

Project kick-off meetings

The principal investigator convenes a project kick-off meeting, inviting all main parties involved in the project and, in the case of smaller projects, all project researchers. If a project manager or coordinator has been assigned to the project, they will also attend the meeting.

The topics covered in the meeting include the project’s research plan; budgeting and scheduling; the principles of processing the data generated during the project (data management); and publishing policy. The ownership of the data and results will also be discussed, and the most central points of the financier’s instructions will be reviewed.

The principal investigator also agrees on operating modes, distribution of work and responsibilities with the project manager / coordinator and all parties involved.

Research services holds a kick-off meeting at the start of the financing period for researchers working on Academy of Finland projects or European Union research projects The meeting covers the responsibilities of the project staff and the services available to them. The principal investigator / researchers may also arrange additional separate meetings with service units.

Opening a project ID and updating the budget

Research services notifies financial services of all funding decisions sent to the registry. Financial services asks the researcher to fill in a form with more detailed information on the project, and the project is assigned a project ID for tracking its income and expenses.

Once the funding decision has been received, the project budget is updated accordingly within the time frame given by the financier, working together with financial services. If the funding received is considerably smaller than what was applied for, the research plan is also updated.

The principal investigator is responsible for the project funding being used according to the financier’s terms and the university’s guidelines and practices. The principal investigator monitors the project finances together with a designated controller.

It is recommended that the principal investigator meet with a person-in-charge from the financial services on a yearly basis to review expenses and payment calculations.

In Financial Services is the responsible contact person to support the project management and administration. The support includes:
- Monitoring and updating the budget
- Following the financial guidelines
- Payments applications and cost statements (Academy of Finland, Business Finland, EU)
- Auditing-related data
- Reporting

In projects funded by the Academy of Finland, the financier pays the research funding to the university in one or more instalments based on the actual expenses. Check the financier’s payment schedule in the financier’s guidelines and verify the university's monthly and financial statement schedules with financial services (confirmed annually). The financier’s guidelines must be followed.

Payments for projects funded by sources other than for example the Academy of Finland follow different guidelines due to different reporting requirements.

Compensation for travel and purchases

Travel expenses are handled according to the Uniarts Helsinki travel policy.  Researchers plan their own trips and create their invoices in the M2 system in accordance with the travel policy. The trips are booked through CWT Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the travel agency as stated in the Uniarts Helsinki travel policy.

Purchase invoices (e.g. service and product purchases paid for by Uniarts Helsinki) are processed in Martti (SAP Smart invoice system)  following standard university policy.  Invoices are approved by an approver from the area of responsibility.

Procurements must be approved beforehand by the principal investigator in compliance with legislation concerning competitive tendering. Uniarts Helsinki is bound by the Act on Public Procurement and the existing contracts with service providers. If the project involves procurements exceeding 5 000 euros or an investment grant, please contact financial services. Any property procured by the project becomes the property of the university once the project is completed.

Take contact

Document Management
Katjuska Sandholm

Research Services
Merja Sagulin

Financial Services

  • planning and monitoring the use of funding
  • help with interpreting the terms of the funding
  • appying for payments, corrections to accounting
  • assistance in reporting on finances

Travel guidelines, M2 Blue Travel system, CWT travel agency

Financier’s terms and instructions

The project must be carried out according to a plan approved by the financier. Each researcher involved must become familiar with and comply with the terms of the funding decision and the financier’s instructions regarding the project. If the financier does not give specific instructions concerning a specific matter, the university’s instructions and rules apply.

Read about the financiers` instructions: