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Project guide for researchers: Services for employed researchers

Research Services

Management and development of the Research Services
Merja Sagulin

Applying for research funding
Tiia Saarinen (SibA, CERADA, History Forum)
Kirsi Rinne, Advisor (TeaK, KuvA, Center for Artistic Research)

Open science, ethical review
Riikka Palonkorpi

Research Centers
Michaela Bränn (Center for Artistic Research)
Tii Salminen (CERADA)
Johanna Rauhaniemi (History Forum)

Riitta Pasanen-Willberg (Theatre Academy/Tutke)

Library Services

  • Research training. Tailored courses on request.
  • E-materials and tools offered by the library and assistance in using them.
  • Assistance in using the HELDA database
  • Assistance in using ORCID and DMPTuuli and composing metadata.
  • After the project is finished, any literature purchased with its funding may be passed over to the library, in which case it becomes available to all Uniarts Helsinki users. Specialised literature that is primarily related to the research project is to be purchased using the project budget. The library may purchase some literature that can benefit the entire university.

Maaria Harviainen
Harri Ollikainen

Legal Services

Contractual matters for researchers
Julia Niinimäki

Copyright matters
Matters related to copyright transfer and copyright agreements
Maria Rehbinder,

Document Management

The purpose of the document management is used to direct the efficient use of the documents and information at the University of the Arts Helsinki and its academies. A larger societal mission is to promote transparent administration, individual legal protection, and preservation of Finnish culture and its research.

Taina Turpeinen
Katjuska Sandholm

Support in SoleCRIS

Reporting of research publications:

  • Review of scientific publications, parallel recording

Erkki Nurmi, Harri Ollikainen (library)

  • Artistic activities, international visits, international conferences, expert assignments

Helena Haimi, Kirsi Rinne (main users university-level)
Pirjo Mulari (Academy of Fine Arts)
Alina Savolainen (Theatre Academy)
Emmi Ruth (Sibelius Academy)

HR Services

Researcher recruitment support

  • Defining salaries
  • Employment contracts
  • Other employer tasks

Maria Peltonen (Academy of Fine Arts)
Eija Heinola (Sibelius Academy)
Anna Kotka (Theatre Academy)
Tiina Tuomikoski (CERADA, History Forum and Center for Artistic Research)

Financial Services

  • Planning and monitoring the use of funding
  • Help with interpreting the terms of the funding
  • Appying for payments, corrections to accounting
  • Assistance in reporting on finances

Kimmo Nurminen (University-level)
Miia Putkinen
Sanna Tossavainen
Marko Honkanen (Theatre Academy and Academy of Fine Arts)
Maarit Leinikka (Sibelius Academy)

Travel guidelines, M2 Blue Travel system, CWT travel agency
Leena Vanhalakka-O`Connor

Working time allocation

Reporting working hours in the SoleTM
Designated contact person for the project

Person-in-charge for the university-level SoleTM system
Miia Putkinen
Sanna Tossavainen

IT Services

  • A computer, standard software and a mobile phone from the standard selection
  • Uniarts user ID and e-mail address
  • Storage and printing services
  • IT helpdesk for university systems and IT equipment

Juha Rosvall
Questions and service requests: or +358 294 47 2200

Communication Services

  • Communications materials and tools in Artsi
  • Communications training when necessary, assistance in writing a communications plan
  • Setting up a web page for a large project, training in its use, content consulting
  • Possible blogging opportunity, determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Support in using social media, media contacts

Heta Muurinen (University-level)
Reeta Holma (Academy of Fine Arts)
Karoliina Pirkkanen (Sibelius Academy)
Kristine Matilainen (Theatre Academy)

Facilities Services

  • Designated workspace or research room for project researcher.

Matti Rautio (Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy)