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Project guide for researchers: Assessing the need for service

The services available to Uniarts Helsinki projects and their researchers vary depending on the financier and the scope of the project. Research projects are grouped into three categories based on their financier and funding model:

A) EU research funding, Nordic research funding, the following Academy of Finland funding opportunities: Strategic Research Council, Profi, Centres of Excellence, flagship programme, Academy Projects, Academy Professors

B) Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researchers and Academy Research Fellows

C) Funding awarded by foundations to postdoctoral researchers and research projects

A researcher working on a category A or B project is employed by the university. When possible, project management and coordination services are offered to large-scale category A projects depending on their financier and the scope of the project.

In category C projects, the researcher is typically funded by a grant, in which case the researcher is not automatically eligible to use the university’s services. A researcher funded by a foundation may apply to become an affiliated researcher for the duration of the project. An affiliated researcher is not employed by Uniarts Helsinki, so fringe benefits are not available to them.

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